Esperas offers you the unique opportunity to experience the traditional cave houses of Santorini. A five minute walk from the center of the picturesque village of Oia, the complex, is exclusively situated on the edge of a hanging cliffside, overlooking the breathtaking sunset in the volcanic sea. Within a short distance, at the bottom of the cliff lies the port of Amoudi with its tavernas, splashing fishing boats and small  bay. All of our units have been rebuilt respecting the original architecture and decorated with authentic style and original pieces and in their own distinct style. An ambiance of comfort and relaxation is present throughout the 21 units, complimented by traditional furniture and antique pieces.

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transfer aeroport - hotel - aeroport; Avion OTOPENI - SANTORINI 2024 (vineri) Bucuresti - Santorini; Taxe de aeroport; Avion SANTORINI - OTOPENI 2024 (vineri) Santorini - Bucuresti; Package commission

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Sejururi cu avionul din Bucuresti catre Esperas Oia Santorini, Santorini, Grecia

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